Bolted Chastity Cage with Spikes

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Discover the most vicious chastity device designed by Master Series

What's better than sharp screws to remind your submissive that it is you who controls the miserable penis between his legs? 

This cage of chastity is vicious, painful and unpleasant to wear. All in all it is perfect to remind who is the boss. 

Many cages are designed to be carried 24/7. Here it is not the case at all. As soon as your weak male is locked in that cage, he will beg you to release him, and that's when the game begins. And once he's locked in, you can punish him even more by tightening the screws around his little cock.

Ingenuity in the service of domination, vice and pain

This metal cage of male chastity is as vicious and painful as it is ingenious.

First of all, the cage comes with two base rings, to keep the cage in place, no matter the size of the sex. Once the cage is in place and the lock is locked it is impossible to remove the cage without forcing the lock, you are then totally in control of the situation. 

But the serious things really start with the 10 screws, placed around the penis for maximum suffering. With the allen key you will be able to tighten the screws as you want. It's up to you to see how much your submissive deserves to be punished. 

Practical information 

  • Measurements: 1.75 inches (length), 1.3 inches (diameter inside the cock chamber), 1.75 or 1.95 inches (diameter of the ring)
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Color: Grey
  • Note: 1 lock, keys and allen wrench are provided

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