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Whether you want to lock yourself up for long periods of time or you are a beginner you will find here what you are looking for, whether it is advice, chastity cage or BDSM accessories.

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Why wear a chastity cage ?

Most of the time, this sex toy is used in BDSM games, it's a way for the man to transmit his dominant male power to his partner. The carrier ( or submissive) gives his power to the one who holds the key (KeyHolder) and makes the decisions (Dominant)

No more unnecessary and shameful masturbations that dull your libido during sex. Once in place, the chastity cage will prevent you from touching yourself and thus from reaching orgasm. You will have no choice but to wait until your mistress returns to ejaculate. The longer your bride will make you wait, the greater your libido will be and your orgasm will increase tenfold..

After several days of abstinence your sexual arousal will be such that you will be ready to do anything to give pleasure to your partner (or dom/mistress). Caresses, sensual massages and other naughty teasing will be your daily routine. All the means will be good to lead your mistress to orgasm: cunnilingus, anilingus and clitoral stimulation will leave you addicted.

Wearing a penis cage will allow you to know how long it takes for the body to reach its maximum level of excitement. Your domina will let you penetrate it when you are totally crazy about it. Since penetration is rarely allowed during intercourse, your only obsession will be to bring your goddess to orgasm. Rather than being focused on yourself, you will be 100% focused on her body's reactions. After several weeks you will know all the sensitive points of your girlfriend, leading her quickly to multiple orgasms will be child's play.

A plus in a BDSM relationship is to have a physical device that represents the property and control that the Dominant has over his submissive (his body and/or his sexual pleasure), in other words, "Your dick is mine and I lock it up".

Are you a beginner and would like to try a chastity cage?
Cage at a very low price and easy to use, with several rings so you don't risk getting the size wrong.
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Which cage to choose?

If you are new to the chastity cage, you must know that the most important thing is the size of the ring called cockring.This ring is placed behind the testicles and will completely surround the root of your sex. If it is too small, you will not be able to wear the cage for long, if it is too big the cage will fall down. The most common average size is 45 mm but will not necessarily suit you. We therefore strongly advise you to start with a simple cage at a low price, supplied with several rings.

In addition to the discretion, short tubes considerably slow down the erection. This makes chastity cages a little less physically exciting, but also makes them more comfortable. It is possible to have an erection (thwarted) under a chastity cage, the bigger (longer) it is, the more it pulls on the testicles.

In metal they are stronger and some models are beautiful but they will not pass under security gantries. (Airport, courts, others...) If you have to take the plane, you must have a plastic or silicone chastity cage AND plastic padlocks called seals.

Avoid if you start OR have to wear it non-stop for long periods of time. The solution is to choose a model with a removable urethra plug because in case of infection or pain, you will be able to remove it and continue to wear your chastity cage.

The diameter of the penis is not always proportional to its length OR to the size of the bursae. If you really have a big and long sex choose a medium or long model. If you have a really short sex, choose a model equipped with an "anti of" or "anti leak". The tips of some models can be painful and irritating. The solution is to file it down a bit.

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A penis cage is a chastity device for men that has the purpose of prevent masturbation and penetration. It must be perfectly adjusted to the dimensions of your member to block the expansion of the penis when you begin to get an erection. A penis cage is in two parts, on one side the tube that encloses the penis, on the other the main ring. (or cockring) placed at the base of the scrotum, it encompasses both the testicles and the base of the penis. The ring is connected to the tube via a lock or pin and a padlock. Once the space between the tube and the ring is in place, the ring is connected to the tube by a lock or pin and a padlock. is not sufficient to allow the testicles to escape, so the cage is inviolable

Penis cages are made of different materials, more or less light and more or less solid. The most popular are metal cages, but there are many others, including plastic (polycarbonate), silicone, resin and even leather.

Metal cages, although heavy, are appreciated for their sturdiness and hygienic character, which make it the ideal cage for a long-lasting wear.

The light and comfortable plastic cages are ideal for sporty men who do not wish to see their penis swing during their activities. This type of cage is recommended for temporary use due to its lack of ventilation.

Silicone cages are soft and discreet and are often worn in professional settings or on public transport. Its ergonomics and flexibility make it one of the most discreet cages. It is imperceptible under trousers. The elasticity of silicone makes it very comfortable and anti-irritation.

There are different types of rings (cockrings), the openable rings and the fixed rings, they each have their advantages and disadvantages.

The opening rings have a hinge in the middle, they must be placed at the base of the penis and must include the balls and the scrotum, they must be put in place after laying the tube so that they can be kept closed directly with the lock or the pin. This type of ring can pinch your skin if you make the wrong angle. So be patient, and check the location of the hinge well before closing it again.

The fixed rings cannot be opened, they must be positioned before threading the tube. You will first have to pass your testicles one after the other and then pass your penis by bending it downwards. Many people prefer this type of ring because they can position the ring more easily without the cage envelope getting in the way, this type of ring also avoids the risk of pinching. However, it will be more difficult to put on if you have large balls or a large penis.

Breathable cages are those whose tube has a lot of ventilation, such as rod cages. They are to be preferred if you want a long-lasting wear. Thanks to the numerous ventilation slits your genitals will not perspire or will perspire very little. You can easily access your penis in the morning to clean it. If you are a fan of naughty games or BDSM, your mistress will be happy to tickle the tip of your penis through the bars with her long nails.

There are 2 systems for closing the cages, the lock and the padlock. The choice will mainly depend on the type of use of your chastity cage. The lock is undoubtedly the most discreet locking system visually and phonically, no shape protrudes, you will be able to wear tight trousers without fear. The absence of a padlock avoids any risk of slamming and swinging when running or jumping. This type of closure is recommended if you are dynamic or if you wear tight trousers. The drawbacks are that it is often hard to insert when the ring is not properly fitted with the cage tube. It is advisable to lubricate the lock from time to time for its correct operation.

The padlock is the simplest but also the most durable system. It is placed in a pin that connects the main ring and the tube. Unlike the lock, the latter is very quick to put on and does not risk getting stuck. Moreover, when closing it, you will be very excited to hear the "click" symbolising the beginning of abstinence. One of its faults is that it can make a noise when rubbing against the cage. We advise against it if you practice self-bonding (self-abstinence) because it is quite easy to break it with basic tools.

The ideal penis cage should reproduce the exact dimensions of your sex, both in length and width. In length, it will be equivalent to the distance between your lower abdomen and the tip of your glans. The tip of your glans should be against the urethral slit of the cage tube. If the tube is too long you will have difficulty urinating "straight", if it is too short you risk irritation of the glans. In width it will be equivalent to the diameter of your penis, if the tube is too tight you will have great difficulty putting it on and blood circulation will be impaired. If the tube is too wide, your penis will have no support and all the weight of the cage will be on the main ring.

The diameter of the main ring is also important, if it is too tight, blood will have difficulty circulating in your penis, even at rest, this can cause pain in the scrotum and will be very uncomfortable. If it is too wide, the cage will tend to fall down and pull on your testicles.

Here is our guide to measuring.

Several BDSM accessories can be installed on your chastity cage to spice up your abstinence.

( Urethra Plug / Removable nails/screws / Electro-stimulation electrode / Prince Albert Piercing )

The urethra plug is one of the most exciting chastity accessories. Having your sex compressed from both the inside and outside is a unique sensation. This device can be screwed at the end of certain cages designed for this purpose. Urethral catheters fall into two categories, flexible plastic catheters and rigid metal catheters, the latter sometimes have notches that make the sensation of penetration fluctuate.

The removable screw tips are dedicated to confirmed submissives with sadomasochistic tendencies.

Electrostimulation allows the nerves and muscles of the erogenous zones such as the penis, the perineum and the prostate to contract thanks to a low frequency current. Each electric shock will give you a kind of short but very exciting burn.

Prince Albert Piercing is the most effective way to prevent any man from getting out of his cage. If you already have a metal cage, simply add a small padlock and pass it through the bars of the cage.

Chastity cages, unlike many other sex toys, can be worn for much longer periods of time. Some men even like to wear them "permanently" for several years, but contrary to popular belief, even during a long period of wear you should always remove the cage from time to time to clean it and inspect it for potential redness and irritation.

if your pain occurs during the erection, as the penis hardens, it fills the cage to the point where it swells against the body. This can be very painful. When this happens, it usually means that your cage is a bit too small. By having a slightly longer tube, your penis will have room to grow, but it will still be contained within the cage since the width of the tube is not expandable. This can be particularly bad at night, many men just remove the cage at night. In any case, you won't be doing anything with your penis while you sleep, and removing the cage will eliminate the risk of a painful erection (or even turning around and ending up in a painful position). In the morning, you can put the cage back in place.

Pain due to friction. This problem occurs when the cage ring is too wide. When you move around during the day, it rubs against your skin, which causes skin irritation. By regularly adding a small amount of the lubricate where the ring touches your skin, you will allow it to move much more freely without rubbing, which will reduce the irritation it causes. Some people even prefer to use a moisturizer because it treats the skin underneath and allows the band to move.

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