The Curve Male Chastity Belt

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The Curve: a transparent chastity cage so that your dominant can continue to see your penis

Most chastity cages on the market are made of stainless steel or hard silicone, two materials that have the advantage of being resistant, but have the disadvantage of being opaque.

The Curve is a different cage. Made of transparent plastic, this cage allows the chaste male's penis to be fully visible. The cage itself as well as the ring at the base of the testicles are completely transparent.

This allows the dominant to look at the submissive's penis from all angles, perhaps to caress his testicles and excite him orally.He or she will be able to take a vicious pleasure in looking at this flaccid penis locked in the cage, and see the submissive male totally frustrated.

A 2-part cage delivered with 5 plastic locks and a metal lock.

The curve is a cage designed in two parts that fit perfectly into each other: the cage leaves and the ring is positioned at the base of the testicles. There is absolutely no difficulty at all in threading the cage and assembling the two parts using the two guide pins and the locking pin.

The guide pins are extending from the cage part. When you have found the correct spacing, simply cut off the ends of the guide pins with a pair of side cutters and smooth the edges with an emery board.

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Practical information

The Complete Curve Chastity Kit comes with:
  • 5 - Hinged Cock Rings
  • 5 - Numbered Plastic Locks
  • 1- Brass Lock
  • 3 - Sizing Spacers and 3 Sizing Pins

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