The Bird Cage Chastity Device - Large

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A chastity cage for men well equipped at crotch level


If you have been spoiled by nature at crotch level, look no further, this chastity cage is for you. No less than 6 inches in length, enough to properly enclose your huge cock.

When your dick is at rest, and despite the imposing size of the cage, this device is not uncomfortable. But if you ever have the misfortune of being sexually aroused and you wear the cage, you will soon regret having such a long cock between your legs.

Moreover, with this birdcage appearance, you will feel even more submissive and powerless, you won't be disappointed. You'll never forget that you're wearing the cage, and if you've given the keys to the lock and your sexuality to a dominant, you'll feel truly submissive.


An impressive and twisted chrome plated steel cage


What first shocks with this cage, in addition to its length, is its shape. In addition to being locked up, your giant penis will be twisted and ashamed in this cage.

If your master is merciful, he will not excite you and leave you flaccid inside the cage. He can also make you wear it for several times to make sure you don't get an erection without him or her.

But if you're ever naughty (or deliberately seeking pain), that's when the pain and pleasure really begin.

Your master will punish you by slowly exciting you. Your cock will start to get blood-soaked and hard, but it will immediately be squeezed into a cage. And as the frustration will become less and less as your dominant feels intense pleasure.

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If you want a twisted cage we can propose you this cage:


Practical informations


Cock ring measures approx. 2 inches inside diameter; cock cage measures approx. 6 inches total length and 5.5 inches in circumference.
Material: Chrome plated steel

Color: Grey

Note: Includes ring, cage, padlock, two keys, and carrying pouch
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