Strict Leather Male Chastity Device Harness

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Totally control the sexuality of your submissive with this accessory even more vicious than a chastity cage.

A simple chastity cage is not safe enough for you? Do you want to be sure that your submissive is no longer a sexual freedom? Then choose Strict Leather Harness.

With this accessory, the submissive is completely imprisoned in the area of the waist and the penis. No more erections for him in his leather and metal prison.

And if you are not in the mood for chastity, opt for the dildo-belt option by placing a dildo in the opening, or simply put your submissive's balls in the ring to torture him.

Discover all the cages of our collection Chastity belt for men , for an absolute submission.

In the same style we can propose you this belt:

A versatile leather harness for male chastity, CBT and penetration.

This harness is ideal for CBT and chastity oriented BDSM sessions. The leather harness allows you to place a metal cage of your choice whenever you wish.

You will also be able to remove the cage from the harness to practice the most vicious CBT punishments and tortures whenever you wish. Your submissive or slave will always be at your disposal.

You will also be able to place a wide base dildo or the anal plug of your choice to offer him the punishment best suited to his condition. Fully adjustable, the harness adjusts from 77 to 114 centimetres waist circumference.

Practical information

  • Waist straps adjust from 30.5 to 45 inches around
  • O-Ring has 2.04 inch inner diameter
Material: Leather, Metal

Color: Black

Note: Compatible with the Bird Cage and Jail House Chastity Devices (shown below). Locks, chastity device, dildo not included. Included metal ring not intended for use in combination with chastity cages.
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