Metal Chastity Cage
Closed Prototype

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Here you are in front of the most impressive closed chastity cage! It's one of our high-end BDSM accessories, it's perfect to ask your mistress to lock your penis without any mercy!


This chastity cage for men is a model at the cutting edge of technology, but above all male humiliation! It will makes you become a real slut without any special treatment.

Any particularities? Oh yes, our "closed prototype" penis cage weighs no less than 400 grams to make sure you don't forget that your sex is locked in shame and submission. We count on your mistress (or master) to remind you of this and in a very strict manner!

As a luxury cage, it also has an adjustable ring system from 50 mm to 38 mm so that the dominant can tighten notch after notch until you implore him to remove this cage of madness ...

Are you ready to enter the BDSM big league?

  • Reserved for submissive men
  • Handcrafted manufacturing
  • Solid & Robust (impossible to escape)
  • Perfect finish
  • Pack included: Cage + Padlock + 2 keys
  • Discreet billing (statement of account)
  • Free and discreet delivery

      Discover all the cages of our collection MetalĀ Chastity Cage , for an absolute submission.

      In the same spƩcification we can propose you this cage:

      Color Silver
      Material Stainsteel
      Ring diameter AdjustableĀ : 38 to 50 mm
      Cage size

      LengthĀ : 60 mm

      DiameterĀ : 35 mm