Spiked Leather Confinement Jockstrap

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Make your submissive suffer with this jockstrap equipped with hundreds of spikes inside

Strict Leather pushes the limits of male suffering even further with this leather jockstrap. Inside, nothing less than hundreds of spikes designed to make the submissive male suffer. 

As a dominant, lock your submissive in these luxurious leather straps and watch him suffer for several minutes for your own pleasure. The spikes inside will be a real torment for him and for you a source of intense pleasure.

Enjoy all the qualities of a jockstrap for BDSM activities.

The jockstrap is a type of men's underwear that is rather unknown and unfortunately too neglected. Yet it has many qualities, especially when it is equipped with hundreds of sharp spikes on the inside designed to torture the balls of the submissive man.

First of all, a jockstrap leaves the man's buttocks out in the open, allowing him to indulge in spanking or whipping with a whip, for example. It also allows anal practices. In addition to the spikes, the dominant can for example put an anal plug in the submissive's anus or penetrate it with a dildo.

This Spiked Leather Confinement Jockstrap is also equipped with a zip to allow the submissive to urinate. This way he will have no excuse not to wear this accessory during hours of BDSM.

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Practical information

  • Waist strap adjusts from 36.5 to 49.5 inches in circumference.
  • Leg straps adjust from 24 to 33 inches in circumference.
Material: Leather, metal.

Color: Black.

Note: Locks not included.
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