Sados Spiked Chamber Silicone Male Chastity Device 4 inches

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Satisfy you darkest fantasies with this Sado’s Spiked Chamber

This chastity device goes much further than most traditional cages. It is designed for experienced subs who are not afraid of pain, and for dominants who want to control, punish and make their partner's miserable cock suffer. 

Not only does this silicone cage totally prevent the male from having an erection. But on top of that, it is equipped with spikes inside, which will punish any movement inside the cage and ensure maximum discomfort to the wearer. 

If a wearer is unfortunate enough to have even the beginnings of an erection, the hard silicone spikes will punish him and remind him that he is no longer in control of his sexuality.

As a dominant, the more you excite the cage owner, the more he will suffer, literally.

Discover all the cages of our collection Silicone Chastity Cage, for an absolute submission.

In the same style we can propose you this cage:

The Sado’s Spiked Chamber, a painful but safe cage 

The cage is made of high quality silicone, which allows you to maintain good hygiene while wearing it for a long time. Indeed, BDSM and male chastity should not be synonymous with bad hygiene.

The male equipped with the cage can easily wash his penis in spite of the cage. Moreover, the cage is equipped with a hole in the urethra to urinate without problems.

But rest assured, the wearer will not be able to do anything else with his penis

Practical information

  • Measurements: 4 inches (length), 6.5 inches (inside circumference of the ring, 1.25 inches (diameter inside the cock chamber).
  • Material: Silicone, ABS, metal
  • Color: clear 
  • Note: A lock and 2 keys are included in the pack

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