Rikers 2.0 24/7 Locking Chastity Device

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Trap your penis en enjoy the chastity with our transparent cage

The male chastity is the act of locking your dick into a cage designed especially for this.

This toy allows the men to be under control and to let the commands to the master.

From the moment your dick is unlocked, you can't do anything. Wherever you are, your penis is in bad shape and you can't even have an erection.

The result ?

A nice pain that remember you the slave you are. This genital locker prevent you - or your collared - to feel any sexual desir.

What should you know about this BDSM toy ?

100% made of plastic, this sexual accessory can be worn anywhere : with your family, your friends or even more your colleagues or workers, anyone can know what happens below your trousers.

The plastic chastity cages are the most discreet and the most comfortable ones.

This BDSM toy has been made for every men who wants to enjoy the feeling of being submissive and trapped within the walls.

Delivered with the cock ring, the cage and the keys, you can easily locked down your penis and keep it on you several months. 


The good point : you can choose between 3 rings sizes to find the one which perfectly fit your penis and your scrotum. 

The little extra ? This cage cannot ring in a metal detector. Take your flight avoiding embarrassing moments !

Discover all the cages of our collection Plastic Chastity Cage , for an absolute submission.

In the same spécification we can propose you this cage:

Practical information

  • Length : 2,25 inches 
  • Diameter : 1,25 inch
  • 3 different size of ring : 1,9 inches - 2,1 inches - 2,3 inches
  • Material : TPR, ABS, metal
  • Delivered with 2 keys
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