Solitary Extreme Confinement Cage

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A tight and solid cage that will properly compact your penis.

Be careful, this cage is not for stallions with a monster between their legs. This cage is for the submissive, very submissive, who have not necessarily been spoiled by nature, and who likes to see their dick compressed in a cage.

Indeed this cage is only 1.5 inches deep, so don't expect comfort. You will feel this cage permanently reducing your miserable cock to nothing.

Your dominant will take malicious pleasure in seeing you put the cage on and then see you squeezed inside. And given the size of the cage, he will have no doubt that you will not be able to get an erection.

Solitary Extreme Confinement Cage: a cage for submissive men who love long-term chastity.

So of course this cage can be used for occasional BDSM sessions, during which the dominant man has fun frustrating the submissive. But for this kind of use, you will find on our shop a lot of much more vicious cages.

No, this cage is for chastity experts, those who like to see their small penis being squeezed and locked up for days on end.
With the tightness of the cage, you will never forget the cage and you'll make sure you don't get a painful blocked erection. And with the opening in the urethra for urinating, no hygiene problems.

Discover all the cages of our collection Metal Chastity Cage , for an absolute submission.

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Practical information

  • 2.5 inches in length, 1.5 inches insertable.
  • Base rings measure 1.75 inches and 2 inches in width.

Material: Stainless steel.

Color: Grey.
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