MANCAGE Chastity Cage Model 04

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 Mix suffering and abstinence with the 4,75 inches plastic chastity cage 

Whether men and women can enjoy the feeling of abstinence from sexual relations.

Beyond the sexual pleasure about being submissive, being chaste has numerous advantages.

  • Better control of the body ;
  • Mighty orgasm ;
  • Less stress ;
  • Better control of the orgasms ;

When the dominated is under control, he have to let the keyholder manage his sexuality. Here's something that's a bunch of BDSM lovers like including you.

Even if the practice of the male chastity isn't the most painful, it remains one of the most frustrating.

Nevermind, not every men are ready to endure the mental and physical pains of the chastity cage.

Discover all the cages of our collection Plastic Chastity Cage , for an absolute submission.

In the same brand we can propose you this cage:

A cage designed for specific dicks

When choosing a cage, there's one parameter that need to be considered : the size of the toy.

Not all dicks are made for all chastity cages and chastity belts. 

With a length of 4.75 inches, this comfy plastic chastity cage can't be own by someone with a bigger or a smaller dick. Also, don't forget the diameter ! A cage that's too tight or too wide can cause you some problems as irritation.

Easy to wear, discreet and comfy, this cage can promises you one thing : you're a gonna enjoy your chastity trip.

Absolutely safe, you can put it and live with it few month.

The plastic cage is the most suitable for novices. If you want to feel more pain and more frustration, take a metal one.

Practical information

  • 4.75 inches in length
  • Rings diameter from 1,75 to 2,25 inches
  • Polycarbonate
  • 100% hygienic 
  • Easy to wash
  • Perfect toy for BDSM beginners
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