Plastic Chastity Cage
Extreme Submission

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Buying a plastic chastity cage is not enough to prove your extreme submission, your cage must have a humiliating shape!


This is the case of this sublime plastic chastity device, it forces your penis to keep its head down. It is comparable to a submissive who spends his day lowering his eyes and looking at the dominant's feet.

If you recognize yourself in these beautiful words then it is quite possible that this chaste cage is intended for you, Mistress (or Master) will be very proud of you and will reward you with the whip!

Be careful however not to bandage ...

Discover all the cages of our collection Plastic Chastity Cage , for an absolute submission.

In the same spécification we can propose you this cage:

  • Reserved for extreme enthusiasts
  • Solid & Robust (impossible to escape)
  • Set of 4 rings offered
  • Perfect finish
  • Cage + Rings + 2 keys
  • Discreet billing (statement of account)
  • Free and discreet delivery
    Color Black & Red - Clear
    Material Plastic
    Ring diameter  40 mm – 43 mm – 48 mm – 52 mm
    Cage size

    Length: 75 mm

    Diameter: 30 mm

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