Chastity Cock Cage E-Stimulation

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The Electroshock cage : it's time to practice another level BDSM and CBT

Made for the most extreme men, the electroshock chastity cage allow the master to take the control to an another level.

This electro chastity cage has been created for the most experienced ones...For the men who really enjoy pain and frustration. 

With it, your BDSM games will be even more...scintillating.

You were searching for a toy that match your expectations ? You got it. Thanks to the electroshock cage, your partner and cuckholder can, in addition to see you suffer, make you suffer even more.

The best accessory to the most vicious

This high-quality product is the perfect way to confine the dick of your partner and play with it. For you (the master), you can be sure about the fact that you are going to enjoy seeing him writhe in agony.

How does this cage works ? 

The system is easy to understand. While the slave's dick is locked into the electric cage, the master have a remote control to send electrics beats.

Enjoyment and suffering. That's why is waiting for the one who will wear this chastity hard BDSM cage.

Moreover, this sexual toy is lightweight, durable and ideal to a long-term wear.

In the same style we can propose you this cage:

Practical information

  • Measurements : 4,5 inches in length | 1,65 inches in diameter 
  • Various diameter of rings : 1,8 - 2 - 2,2 - 2,4 inches.
  • Material : Polycarbonate (100% hygienic)
  • Adapted to a long-term wear
  • Only for the most experienced
  • Urination access
  • Include : E-stim unit, 2 AAA batteries, lock, keys, 4 rings and tie-wrap locks
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