Clear Chastity Cock Cage with Plug - Medium

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Trap your dick and be the slave of your master

Developed to ban your dick and prevent any sexual action, the chastity cage allows you to do a first step into BDSM.

For all men who like to depend on their sexual partner, this sexual toy is the one you need. Being dominated never has been so enjoyable with the chastity cage and its detachable butt plug. 

2 in 1. That's the goal here !

In addition to be punished, each time you move, you can enjoy the anal plug into your ass. But remember : you can't have erection. That's the trap.

The perfect chastity cage for your submissive

If you're the keyholder, you are going to enjoy this BDSM toy.

Delivered the key and the lock, since the moment you got the keys, you can do everything you wants. Play with him, show him your body, take a third partner to practice cuckoldism...Just enjoy your superiority while your men is 100% submitted. 

While your submissive wear this male cage, you will see him suffer from not being able to have an erection. 

Moreover, the anal plug extension is a bonus that's can't be neglected. Put it in his ass and hit the P point to excited him more and more.

Practical information 

  • 4.5 inches inner length 
  • 1.4 inch inner diameter 
  • 4 size of rings : 1,75, 2, 2,2 and 2,4 inches in diameter
  • Easy to put and comfortable
  • 100% hygienic and 100% safe
  • Delivered with its 3 parts (cage, ring and anal plug)
  • Material : polycarbonate
  • The package include : 4 rings, 5 plastic tag locks and a lock with 2 keys

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