Clear Captor Chastity Cage - Large

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Give the keys of your sexuality to your partner with the Clear Captor chastity prison

Training or behavior correction, appreciation of sexual release, reminder of ownership, sexual tease...There is plenty of reasons to locked up a dick.

And what better to trapped a penis than a chastity cage ?

Okay : whether the dom' and the sub' have to agree before beginning this BDSM game. 


When it's time for the submissive to give the keys of his sexuality - and of the cage - to the keyholder, there's nothing to do. While you're at work, with friends or with your partner, impossible for you to get horny. And don't even think about sex ! Your dick will hurt you thanks to the cage.

The Clear Captor : the perfect one to begin BDSM and abstinence

In fact, if you're experienced, you should directly move to metal cages, electroshock cages or silicon cages with anal plug for harder feelings.

The Clear Captor has been designed for the men who wants to discover male chastity.

Easy to put and very discreet, it can be wear a few days or several month without any troubles. Extremely comfy, the Master Series Clear Captor allows you to start BDSM smoothly.


Discover all the cages of our collection Plastic Chastity Cage , for an absolute submission.

In the same spécification we can propose you this cage:

Practical information

  • 4.4 inches length
  • 1,7 inches diameter
  • Adapted for beginners
  • 4 rings : 1,7 to 2.2 inches
  • Hygienic and easy to wear
  • Really comfy 
  • Material : ABS Plastic 
  • The Clear Captor package includes : the cage, 4 rings, two keys, a lock.
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