CB-X - Mr Stubb Chastity Cage - Clear

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The CB-X Mr Stubb is a new and innovative chastity cage design, that offers ultimate comfort and penis security. The cage's design features three parts that fit like a puzzle. The rings' flat design is very comfortable and safe. The Mini Me is made of medical-grade polycarbonate. It's lightweight, hypoallergenic and durable. The ventilated cage provides optimal hygiene and features an opening for easy urinating. The differently sized rings and spacers that come with each set, allow you to tailor it to your wishes. The Mini Me deprives you from touching your genitals and provides the key-holder with absolute control of both partners' sexual satisfaction.  Length: 45 mm Inner diameter: 35 mm Ring sizes: 50, 47, 44, 41 and 38 mm
Material: 100% PC
Dimension: 21x13x7
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