CB-3000 Male Chastity Device

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Enjoy chastity with the CB-3000 cage

You were searching for a cage that could let you discover and enjoy male chastity ? The CB-3000 one is going to make you mad thanks to it's quality.

If you're in a SSSC relation (Safe, Sane, Sober and Consensual) then, chastity's going to let you enjoy some memorable moments with yourself, your partner or some friends.

The CB-3000 cage has been designed to prevent all the men who wear it to have an erection. Whether you're at work or with your master, you can't get physically horny. 

The only things you are allowed to do is :

  • watching
  • thinking
  • suffer

Discover all the cages of our collection Plastic Chastity Cage , for an absolute submission.

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The perfect cage to play BDSM games

Extremely secure and adjustable, this sex toy is one of the best to lock a dick and becoming a good slave.

Tremendous comfy, it has been made to avoid skin irritations and unusual pain. While you or your slave wear it, you can be sure that he will be frustrated as hell.

This chastity cage think about everything. There's ventilations and an opening for urination, in this way, no need to take off the cage when you go the toilet. Once you put the CB-3000 male chastity cage, there's only one way to release the penis : it's the keyholder's will.  

Finally, the CB-3000 ensures you that you don't ring the bell on metal gates, saving you from embarassing moments.

Practical information

  • 3 inches in length
  • 1,4 inches in diameter
  • Include : rings (1,5 inches, 1,6 inches, 1,75 inches, 1,9 inches and 2 inches), cage, locking pins and spacers, 1 brass padlock, plastic locks
  • 100% hygienic and easy to wash
  • Material : Medical grade polycarbonate - Hypoallergenic
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