Plastic Chastity Cage

Your male member wants to taste the benefits of a plastic chastity cage? Or maybe your Mistress gave you the order to buy such a cage to lock up your submissive penis?

Wonderful, so be it... Plastic is light and durable, but also pleasant to wear and very stylish. Your sex cage will prevent you from having an erection while sublimating the beauty of your penis. Your partner will love it.

Discover our many models among which you will find shoes to fit your feet (or rather a cage to fit your penis), right? You'll find transparent chastity devices and it's very exciting, it allows you to observe your penis swelling up and crashing against the cage when you try to get unhealthy erections!

How do I use my plastic chastity cage?
Once you choose the plastic chastity cage that you like, you will be able to fully enjoy your BDSM activities and finally realize the sexual fantasies that are important to you. Make sure your penis is flaccid before inserting it into the cage. If necessary, don't hesitate to use water-based lubricant to make it easier for it to penetrate inside. Once inside, you can finally relax and fully enjoy the intense sensations and the feeling of fullness that invades you...

Most of our plastic cages are very discreet so that you can walk quietly without anyone having any doubts about your extreme submission. It is therefore the perfect cage to feel humiliated in front of your dominant, while remaining discreet in front of the rest of the world.

In order to live a unique sexual experience and to be sure to satisfy your perverse fantasies of humiliation, it is imperative that you give both keys to your Master.

He and he alone must have total control over your body and mind...

Do you feel ready as a young submissive?