Metal Cock Cage

You are in the area where our hardest BDSM accessories are. The metal chastity cage is able to humiliate your penis and make it look ridiculous. It is certainly not dedicated to beginners of humiliation and submission, because the sexual torture (or sexual pleasure...) that your Mistress will be able to inflict on you with such a chastity device will quickly become unbearable if you are not already used to this kind of experience.

If you feel ready to undergo the most violent abuses, then you are in the right collection, our steel cages are made for you! Welcome to hell... (or heaven, it's just a matter of perception...)

Metal Chastity Cage: Extreme Submission

Our metal chastity cages are all handcrafted and made of high quality stainless steel. Steel has the particularity of weighing a certain weight which is an asset for the man who wishes to feel his penis locked up like behind the bars of a prison. Our metal chastity devices are particularly strong and robust to ensure that no male sex will be able to escape imprisonment!

For the submissives who will be obliged to wear the chastity cage permanently, it is good to know that all our models are suitable for long-term confinement. No excuse is valid to remove the cage and even less the excuse of the shower, stainless steel is as its name indicates stainless, you will be able to remain under water as long as you want from the moment you keep your cage.

They are also suitable for urinating without the slightest problem.

Since penis cages are made to satisfy the desires of the dominant and not those of the caged; we have decided to spice up some cages with sexual torture systems, such as rings with screws or spikes. You just have to browse through our collection to discover them.

It doesn't matter what you call it, sex cage, penis cage or cock cage! We have what you want and we offer it at the best price.

Why do we have it? So that men all over the world can have access to controlled male chastity.

Isn't it wonderful?