Female Chastity Belt

Nowadays, many people think that the chastity belt for women is an accessory that only existed during the Middle Ages. This is not true, today many more women than you might think wear a chastity belt in order to feed fantasies during BDSM activities or on a daily basis in order to practice sexual abstinence. Of course there are also belts for men

What is a chastity belt for women?
The chastity belt is a device that locks access to the vagina with a padlock that prevents the wearer from removing it. It is often used in the context of a relationship between a submissive and a dominant, and it is up to the Master (or Mistress) to keep the keys to make sure that she cannot remove it.

The old models used in the Middle Ages were called "medieval chastity belts". It was a very rustic device made of raw iron, very uncomfortable, there was a hole in the intimate parts to allow urine to drain out. This hole was surrounded by spikes or sharp blades to dissuade the man from having sexual intercourse with the chaste woman. Masturbation was also impossible.

Now such devices no longer exist, make way for modern chastity belts! They are made of stainless steel to avoid metal problems that end up rusting and of silicone to ensure great comfort for the woman who wishes to wear her belt for long periods of time, sometimes up to several months.

Why do women wear a chastity belt?
There are many reasons depending on the sexual goals or fantasies of the person who decides to wear it. The female chastity belt can be worn in a context of total abstinence, but also to play naughty games with a partner.

In the second case, the goal is to feel intense sensations and to find oneself in exciting situations. For example, the partner of the submissive woman could do everything to raise the temperature by exciting her in a very erotic way... Caresses, raw words, foreplay, stimulation of sensitive and erogenous zones such as breasts or inner thighs.

Even the sweetest people know this situation where we feel a terrible desire for something that we could never get... This is called frustration and it can become extremely exciting when practiced correctly.

There are hundreds of BDSM games and it is possible for a woman to decide to buy a chastity belt just to spice up her sexual relations and to discover new sensations.

This kind of BDSM accessory has changed the life of many people, so why not yours?

Make your first purchase now and transform your life!