Male Chastity Belt

Ready to fasten your chastity belt for a particularly humiliating submission?

We have designed many chastity devices for men to satisfy the needs and perverse fantasies of each and every one of you. In our large collection, you will find "thong" belts, made of leather and others in harness for an "old-fashioned" medieval style (ideal for sadomasochistic role-playing). You will be able to impress your partner with such belts, it's up to you to choose the best one according to your expectations and especially according to the desires of your Master (or Mistress).

According to your choice, the chastity belt will bring you much more than a simple style. It can convey a "message" to your partner... For example, if you wear the chastity belt in a thong, you will inevitably pass for a slave who deserves a latex whip, but also for a submissive without any sexual confidence.

On the other hand, if you choose a black leather chastity belt with a trashy design, this model will highlight your confidence in your sexual skills. It will allow you to have firmer, longer erections and more powerful ejaculations, when the dominant Mistress will allow you to...

Chastity Belt for Men: Safety and Comfort
In order to fasten your chastity belt in total safety, start by coating your penis and the area on your device with a water-based lubricant. Be generous and don't neglect the quantity, because your ugly sex could well remain locked up there for long hours, if that is the wish of the dominant!

We offer belts that include a metal chastity cage to ensure extreme submission and an intense feeling of confinement. For the most fragile submissives there are 100% leather devices to promote comfort and modern design.

In any case, fear no young submissive! Whether you choose an alloy of leather, silicone with stainless steel all our chastity belts are high quality and hypoallergenic. This should be the main criterion when you want to buy a chastity belt, your health comes first. Especially since they are devices that can remain in contact with your skin for several days, at Chaste-Cage you don't have to worry about harmful substances, because our belts do not contain any!

The painful pleasure of the chastity belt for men
Let's not forget why you are here, to become a chaste man, but also to take a perverse sexual pleasure during your BDSM parties with your partner(s).

One of the best sadomasochistic sex games is to lock your submissive man penis in your chastity belt while the Mistress is stripping herself bare and doing everything to turn you on. You will want to get hard, your sex will do everything to get erect, but your belt will do everything to stop it!

Abstinence has many benefits beyond pleasure, for example it can make you more enduring during sex and it will teach you to be patient so that you can better appreciate the object of your desire when you get it. Moreover some of them are equipped with an anal plug or a dildo to make you completely crazy...

Our chastity belts are very easy to clean once you have finished your sexual intercourse, just wash one of them with warm water and mild soap. Don't forget to dry them properly and to store them in a dry place away from sunlight in order to preserve them for life.

Don't hesitate to offer you several belts in order to feel different sensations always more intense!
Of course there are also exist chastity belt for women