The ruined orgasm: What is it? Why and how to do it?


When you take a closer look at the concept of abstinence and male chastity, it is impossible to miss the concept of ruined orgasm. Also called "Ruined orgasm" on porn sites, this practice combines pleasure and torture and is enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of men around the world.

What is ruined orgasm? Why and how to practice it? What are its advantages? Everything is explained in the next lines of this article.

The ruined orgasm: what is it?


The ruined orgasm refers to a male orgasm where the stimulation is stopped just before ejaculation. This method of masturbation consists in not touching the erogenous zones of the body (penis, testicles, legs, nipples, prostate...) when the "point of no return" is reached.

The primary objective of the ruined orgasm is to resist ejaculation as long as possible and to prevent any pleasure or pleasant sensation linked to it.

A true BDSM practice, the "ruined orgasm" is a real torture. With it, the submissive man can reach the multiple orgasm. Orgasm that will generate a maximum of frustration, something that the submissive is looking for above all.

The practice of this sado game can be done as well in solo as in several. We explain how to do it a little further down.

To know: With the ruined orgasm, the ejaculation is not spurting but rather leaking. The semen flows down the penis and can be collected in the hand of the dominatrix who can do whatever she wants with it.

Consequences and sensations

The main interest of ruined orgasm is torture and frustration. The principle is, let's remember, to spoil (or "ruin") the man's orgasm.

This practice has no negative impact on health. It is simply a game of domination that can be played between the masturbator and the masturbated.


Physical consequences


Preventing the submissive from having a good orgasm will have physical and psychological consequences that make this practice so popular. With it, the submissive does not have the muscular contractions that one finds in a traditional orgasm. A more or less important quantity of sperm evacuates from the penis but without spurting. The ruined orgasm allows to keep the hardness of the penis and makes the happiness of many men who like to push their limits.

Psychological consequences


When a man has a "normal" orgasm, the brain releases a cocktail of hormones that, in addition to being good for your health, will relax the entire body by providing a pleasant sensation of relaxation.

With orgasm ruined, forget about post-orgasmic euphoria. The brain releases no - or few - hormones. Dopamine, oxytocin and prolactin levels remain high and instead of feeling relaxed, the masturbated person remains frustrated and suffering in silence.

This effect is even more important if the person concerned has been caged for a longer or shorter period of time.

Why practice the ruined orgasm?


There is no clear answer to this question.

  • For some, ruining an orgasm prolongs pleasure.
  • For others, the ruined orgasm promotes self-control.
  • Finally, some people are content with this practice because they enjoy denial and S&M practices.

In all cases, frustration and domination are the key words.

Extension of pleasure


As we explained at the beginning of this article, the ruined orgasm makes it easier to have multiple orgasms.

By continuing to go back and forth during ejaculation, the testicles are completely emptied and it is difficult to get another erection. With the concept of ruined orgasm, sex remains hard since the orgasm is not complete.

Therefore, this practice is an opportunity for some men to prolong the pleasure: the period to get the juice back is greatly shortened and it is possible to separate the orgasm into several partial ejaculations.



For precocious people or tease and denial enthusiasts, mastering the ruined orgasm can be very helpful. By learning to "manage" the force of ejaculation, control of the orgasm is promoted and sexual relations can be extended by several tens of minutes.

Because the point of no return is reached, it is impossible not to come. By learning to control your ejaculation, it is indeed possible to last much longer in bed.

Regardless of the means of control, the dominator can decide how pleasurable the partner's orgasm is going to be...He/she can also decide how frustrating it will be.

Extension of the denial


For lovers of chastity and abstinence, the ruined orgasm is one of the best methods to "empty the bag" while keeping the frustration of the submissive man.

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If you practice orgasm denial, you probably already know that it is important to ejaculate from time to time. Ejaculating regularly is good for your health. However, when you're in denial and enjoying the violence of submission and the frustration of not being able to cum, you definitely don't want to ejaculate.

The ruined orgasm allows to answer this problem. By partially ejaculating without the relaxing effect of hormones, the period of positive frustration is not broken and the man can put on his chastity cage feeling even more deprived than before.

How to successfully ruin an orgasm?

Just as there are many reasons to practice ruined orgasm, there are many methods to achieve it.

Depending on your fantasies and the level of frustration you want to achieve, some techniques will be more qualitative than others.

4 criteria to measure the quality of a ruined orgasm


It may seem difficult to know if the ruined orgasm you got is good or not. Here are a few keys to help you know if you or your partner got your shot.


  1. The less semen there is, the more the orgasm has been ruined

If you have masturbated 2 - 3 times before, it is normal that little fluid comes out of the glans. In this case, you will not be able to properly gauge the quality of the orgasm that has occurred.

On the other hand, if you have not been touched for more than 12 hours or if you have been locked up in a chastity cage for several days or even months, then you will certainly be able to judge the success of your frustrating orgasm according to the quantity of semen that escapes from your penis.


  1. The less spasms, the better

The male orgasm, like the female orgasm, is accompanied by spasms. They are one of the signs of the manifestation of this physical phenomenon that will contribute to well-being and pleasure.

The stronger the ejaculation, the more noticeable the muscle contractions and the less frustration.

In men who practice the ruined orgasm, the number of spasms should be close to or equal to zero.


  1. The time between the end of stimulation and ejaculation should be as long as possible

For maximum frustration, the period between the end of masturbation and the first burst of semen should be as far apart as possible.

The longer the delay, the greater the frustration.


  1. You must be able to keep your erection after ejaculation

A well ruined orgasm is one that allows the dominate to keep getting hard. If you can maintain an erection after cumming, it's in the box.

Maintaining some sexual arousal after ejaculating is a testament to the quality of the mess.

3 techniques to know imperatively


Do you or your partner want to start an adventure? You are an amateur of this practice or you wish to discover new things?

The 3 techniques we present will allow you to have the best ruined orgasm ever.


Technique #1: Stop all stimulation

This is the most classic, popular and simple method. It is mainly intended for novices.

You simply have to stop all stimulation with the body of the one who is being masturbated. Whether it is back and forth, caresses, pinches, licks ... You must stop everything as suddenly as possible.

To best achieve the ruined orgasm, the stimulation should be stopped as soon as possible. It is better to stop too early than too late. Stopping masturbation earlier than expected causes the man to experience "edging" and it is possible to resume work a few seconds later. If you stop too late, the dominatee will have an orgasm - almost - complete: the experience is then failed.

In order to know exactly when to remove your hands, mouth, sex or toys from your partner's body, you need to get to know his body and recognize the signs that he is going to come at any moment.


Technique n°2 : the positive ruined orgasm

The principle is the same as for the technique n°1. However, you will spice up the domination experience by doing something else to make him happy.

While he is enjoying, you can :

  •  Face sitting: force him to do a cunni, he will be more frustrated and less happy
  • withdraw: just before he comes inside you, withdraw. The frustration is both psychological and physical
  • opt for a visual ejaculation: on the breasts, the buttocks or the face, many men like to cum on their partner's body.


Technique #3: Distraction

The goal is to distract the man while he enjoys partially. To do this, 2 levers prove to be particularly effective.

Pain: Make sure that you create an intense pain at the moment of ejaculation. You can for example practice cock and bullying or slap the glans repeatedly with your fingers.

Diverting attention: While his orgasm is being ruined, divert your partner's attention by stimulating another area. Tickling, slapping, choking...anything goes.


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