How to choose your chastity cage? Complete buying guide 2021

A flagship accessory for male abstinence, the chastity cage or "chastity cage" is THE toy that every man who wants to play domination games with his or her partner must have. In this comprehensive guide, we explain step by step how to choose the right chastity cage.


Caging his male intimacy is an SM game that hundreds of thousands of men around the world engage in. However, not all cages are suitable for all profiles and genders.


If you are new to the world of chastity, the cage will not be the same as if you have been practicing forced abstinence for several years.


How to choose your chastity cage? Here are simple and detailed explanations.


How to choose your abstinence cage


You have a deep enjoyment in giving your partner control of your sex life. Establishing a dominant/dominated relationship intrigues you, excites you, and directs you straight to playing BDSM domination games, the most popular of which is the male chastity controlled.


As said before, the penis cage is THE device to have. Still, you have to find the model that suits you the most. Because yes, the cages come in many models, to learn more read the following carefully.

#1: The different cages

Chastity cages are made of different materials. There are devices:


  • in metal
  • in silicone
  • in plastic
  • in leather


Metal cages




These are the most popular and best selling models. Heavier than other chastity cages, these are the devicesmost suitable for long-term wear. If you plan to keep your cage for several months (something that is quite possible), prefer a metal cage.


All made of stainless steel, they can't rust or cause health problems for those who wear them. Metal chastity cages are first and foremost hygienic and can be kept in the shower. Metal cages do not soak up sweaty odors, nor do they accentuate them.


These are stronger and stiffer accessories than other cages. They guarantee more pain and frustration.


The stainless steel abstinence cages are for the accomplished BDSM lovers. These are the most humiliating and sought after BDSM toy models. If you are a beginner or in the introductory period, we recommend starting with a plastic or silicone cage.


Plastic cages

Plastic chastity cage

They aremore comfortable, softer and easier to wear than the metalized lines. The 100% plastic cages are not made to imprison a sex for long. Due to their lack of ventilation, they must be removed regularly (once every week or 2 weeks).


If you are new to the BDSM practice of male chastity, this, along with silicone devices, is the most appropriate material.


Composed of medical-grade polycarbonate, they too are very hygienic and simple to clean. As with the metal models, they do not impede urine drainage.


On the other hand, while this item is still intended for BDSM practice, it is less violent and painful than a metal or electric cage.


Plastic cages also have the advantage of coming in different shapes and colors!


Besides the fact that it is aimed at new lovers of chastity for men, they are ideal for sportsmen who want to be able to practice sports while keeping their device on them.


Silicone cages

silicon cock cage

Silicone cages are the most discreet and flexible. These sex toys too are ideal for men who are new to sadomasochism and male humiliation.


A soft, comfortable, hypoallergenic and non-porous material, the silicone cage is waterproof and easily cleanable. What's more, the softness of silicone helps avoid the risk of irritation that an improperly installed or sized cage can cause.


This BDSM toy is best for dominated men seeking maximum discretion. It is imperceptible under the pants and can be worn in the professional setting without any problem.


Leather cages
leather cock cage


Leather cages are to use during your BDSM sessions. Original and aesthetically pleasing, they are made of leatherette and metal. Most of the time, leather chastity cages for men are made on a metal base (cockring and rings) with leatherette slats.


Leather devices are a little more complicated to maintain. That's one reason why it's advisable to wear them only when you're having controlled sex.


Most of the time, the main ring (the cockring) is adjustable and can be tightened or loosened depending on the level of pain you are looking for.

#2: The different types of rings

type of ring

There are two kinds of "cockring":


  • the fixed rings
  • the opening rings


For this criterion, your experience level doesn't matter. It's your preferences for your chastity ring placement that will influence your choice. The type of ring is an optional setting.


The fixed rings


They cannot open and must be put on BEFORE putting on the cage "tube". To do this, simply pass the testicles (one after the other) through the tube and then pass the penis through. A first little acrobatics before you abstain from any sexual freedom.


Chastity cages with a fixed ring are preferred by many individuals. A non-opening ring limits the risk of pinching.


However, if you have a large penis or large bursa, the fixed ring is not recommended. You may have trouble putting it on.


The working rings


Rings with an opening have the advantage, as the name implies, of being able to open up and, as such, can be put on with ease. Unlike fixed rings, opening rings must be installed AFTER inserting one's gender into the structure.


Although easy to install and especially suitable for large penises or bursae, sometimes you may pinch your skin when closing it.


If you opt for an openable chastity cage, pay close attention to the angle of the device and be patient.


#3 The different closures

types of closure

2 types of closures are to be distinguished when thinking about buying a chastity cage:


  • the cadenas
  • the lock


The lock


Male abstinence cage locks with padlocks are the most durable and the most basic.


Although they are less discreet than the lock, they have a much more exciting and frustrating side. The famous "click" of the lock symbolizes the beginning of your sobriety period and hearing it will turn you on all the more.


The padlock, unlike the lock has the advantage of being more secure and faster to put on. A lock can stay locked, not a padlock!"


On the other hand, the limitation of the padlock is in how easy it is for the wearer to break it. If you practice self-abstinence or feel you can no longer resist, with a simple pair of pliers you can end your suffering. Which doesn't really make sense!


The lock


This is the most discreet system, both in form and sound. Chastity cages with locks have the great advantage of being completely invisible since they do not reflect the shape of the lock.


If you wear skinny jeans, tight pants, leggings, etc. we recommend you to choose this device.


While cages with locks can be disruptive when running (slamming, swinging...), this is not the case with the lock.


Be careful though!Remember to lubricate the lock from time to time to avoid any locking problems (e.g. seized lock).


#4: Dimensions

calculate the size

This is one of the most important points along with the material you are going to choose. A chastity cage is not a shoe! There are no insoles to adjust it if the device is too big. 


The perfect penis cage should accurately replicate the dimensions of your sex. From then on, a measurement workshop is a must!


  • How to properly measure before buying your chastity cage?


No surprise: no need to measure your erect penis. To choose a cage that's tight enough to be both humiliating and demeaning without causing chafing or pain, you need to take the time to properly measure your resting sex.


You will need to calculate:


  • its circumference
  • its length


Tip: Before taking your measurements, take a bath or shower in warm water for maximum accuracy.


Circumference calculation


On average, the circumference of a penis at rest is 9 to 10 cm. But no two sexes are alike. That's why it's imperative that you measure YOUR dick size.


  • Get a sturdy string or flexible tape measure
  • Pass the cord around your penis and scrotum (the back of your testicles.
  • Pinch the cord at the point of intersection
  • Measure the circumference of your scrotum and penis


Once you have the circumference, divide your result by Pi (3.14), you will get the diameter and can know the ring size you need.


Ex. ring size based on penis circumference:


  • Circumference from 110 to 118 mm: 36 mm ring size
  • Circumference from 132 to 148: 45 mm ring size
  • Circumference from 164 to 180 mm: 55 mm ring size


If you're in between sizes, start with the wider ring before switching to a narrower cock ring.


Length calculation


The length calculation to find out what size tube you need is relatively simple.


The chastity cage tube should fit the length of your sex perfectly. To get the perfect length, the total length of your cage (ring + tube) should equal the length of your flaccid penis.


  • If your cage is too small, you may get irritated
  • If your cage is too large, you may experience penile pain and difficulty urinating straight


#5 Accessories

Because yes...the more traditional models only include a simple cage that you'll trap your penis in. But the creators of chastity cages are just as perverted in their minds as their users.


A large number of chastity cages take the vice of submission, domination and pleasure through frustration even further with ever more hardcore models.


For those who want to spice up their abstinence, it is possible to find cock cages with:


  • an anal plug
  • a urethral plug
  • spikes or screws
  • an electrical system
  • a Prince Albert piercing


Cages with anal plug


Before we talk about male chastity cages with urethral plugs, let's start with anal plug cages.


As you know, like women, men have a "G" spot called the "P" spot. This spot is located in the prostate gland, and to stimulate it, an anal plug is the ideal sex toy.


The abstinence cages with built-in anus sextoy allow you to combine the excitement of P-spot stimulation with the frustration of not being able to get hard or masturbate.


These cages are recommended if :


  • you're looking for new sensations
  • you want to make your BDSM experience even more frustrating
  • you already practice sex that includes enjoyment through the prostate


Cages with urethral plug

urethral cock cage

The urethra plug is definitely one of the most exciting BDSM accessories. In fact, it is even more so when combined with abstinence play.


The urethral plug is, as the name suggests, a mini sextoy that takes the shape of a rod and is inserted into the urethra (the slit through which your urine comes out). Also known as a penis plug, this accessory allows you to practice sodureter(combination of "sodomy" and urethra) along with chastity.


At the rendezvous: maximum pleasure and sensations both extreme and intense.


Urethral cages include a rod screwed to the end of the tube that can be removed as needed.


There are2 types of catheters.


  • Flexible probes
  • Rigid probes


Rigid (metal) probes guarantee more sensation than flexible ones. In any case, if you decide to buy a urethral chastity cage, remember to clean and disinfect your equipment regularly.


Cages with spikes or screws


Be warned: these cages are primarily for confirmed submissives and sadomasochists who fully accept the pain. A chastity cage with spikes or screws compresses the sex and ensures constant discomfort that is difficult for a novice to bear.


Electric cages
electric cage


These are, by far, the most hardcore sex toys. They are not for everyone who is into submission and domination. Electric chastity cages are for men looking for real, painful thrills.

The way the electric cage or "e-stim", "electrosex" or even "electrostim" works is simple. These accessories are sold with a box that, when connected, sends electric shocks to the cage.

The goal is just as simple as the operation: punish and subdue the dominated man to the extreme.


Lovers of immoderate suffering, take the time to look at these types of cages.


Prince Albert piercing cages
prince albert


These are BDSM devices that are a little less common than other cages. In order to wear this kind of abstinence cage, the man has to be pierced beforehand so that he can put on his "PA Lock" and leave no escape for his penis.

So, which cage is right for you?

You now have all the keys in hand to properly imprison your sex and fully enjoy male chastity.


If you're still unsure about your choice of cage, below are recommendations based on your profile.


What cage for a novice?

cage for begginer

You're off to discover BDSM and the practice of abstinence, you're right. To get started, we recommend starting with a plastic cage or silicone.


In order to learn sexual submission and abstinence, you can ask your Domina - keyholder - to adopt a weekly rhythm. Gradually, you will be able to lengthen the confinement time and change the material to metal, heavier and ever more humiliating.


What cage for someone with experience?


If you're already experienced in abstinence practice and are reading this comprehensive buying guide to learn more and discover alternatives to enhance the humiliation and pain of your practices, you've come to the right place.


If you're already experienced, we recommend that you choose a metal cage. For a little more thrill, go for a cage with an anal plug! And to spice up your S&M sessions a bit, you can buy a leather penis trap.


What cage for a hard-on?


You, you like everything really hard. Pain makes you cum with pleasure and sexual torture delights you. If this is your case, there are several choices available to you. Either way,you need a metal cage with an accessory. Urethral plug, anal plug, combination of both, electro-stimulating cage...The more it hurts, the better.


The penis cage: presentation


If you've read that chastity belts were worn by women in the Middle Ages to ensure their fidelity, know that this is not true.


The chastity belt has often been depicted in literary works, and has been for many centuries. But these are theological and theoretical references more than practical ones.


In short! Today, the chastity belt has taken a completely different turn and has, for the most part, changed tack to mainly the male gender.


What is the male chastity cage?


Also known as a penis cage, cock cage, penis prison...The male chastity cage has a reputation for being inviolable and preventing sexual practice.


The penis cage is a chastity device for men that comes in the form of a dungeon that takes the relief of the male sex. More specifically,it is divided into two parts:


  • of one part, the tube that comes to trap the tail.
  • on the other, "the cock ring." This is the ring that comes to sit at the scrotum and encompasses the testicles and the base of the penis.


Generally designed in metal, they are also found in plastic or silicone depending on the practices and needs of the submissive man.


The concept of the cage is simple: once installed, the chaste man cannot jerk off, touch himself or practice penetration.He cannot sexually do anything until his keyholder (the master of the keys) decides to release him for a predefined time. 


Slightly tilted downward, these little tools of torture prevent any erectionand prove to be more or less painful depending on the cage model chosen.

Why wear one?


More or less soft BDSM practice (depends on the cage you choose), the main interest of the male sex cage is to practice a game based on a dominant/dominated relationship.


Many men love to be at their partner's bedside and relish being submissive.


Frustration, suffering and docility: these 3 words are enough to describe the purpose of wearing a cock cage. Once the penis is locked up between 4 walls and the keys of virility given to the keyholder, the man is totally docile and loses all control over his sexuality. This is the whole principle of the chastity cage.


Wearing a cage for men also helps to stimulate and spice up your love life. Feel like breaking the routine? Want to discover new practices a little harder without getting into practices like cock and ball torture or ruined orgasm? You have enough confidence in your partner? Male abstinence is for you!


But before you (re)embark on male chastity, it's fundamental to choose THE right cage for YOU.


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