Become a Sissy : the complete guide

Fans of submission and dominance games, this article for becoming Sissy is for you. Translating from "sissy," the term "Sissy"refers to the pleasure many men find in being humiliated and obeyed by their master or mistress by being disguised as a woman.


How do you begin your Sissyfication process? What is a good Sissy? How does sex work?


Having a submissive lifestyle and living as a forced transvestite requires some preparation. We've put together a comprehensive guide to becoming a well obedient, well submissive Sissy.

#1 The chastity cage

The Sissy loves to feel humiliated and belittled. For this, the chastity cage is her best friend. Imprisoning her sex and not being able to masturbate or get an erection is a not insignificant first step to becoming a Sissy.


Frustrating, restrictive and sometimes even painful (cold steel or electric cages), chastity cages are the #1 BDSM accessory to have in order to feel well devalued and well submissive to your partner.

From a few hours to several months, the male abstinence cage prevents any orgasm until authorized by the key holder.

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What cage to choose for a Sissy


Forced feminization induces to be as feminine as possible. Therefore, if you want to become the best Sissy, the choice of the cage that will come to enclose your male sex must be chosen with care.


An electrified cage for hard BDSM enthusiasts


This category of BDSM cages is for the most extreme personalities. Have you been dreaming of being forced to be a woman while in maximum pain? An electric abstinence cage is the perfect accessory for painful submission.


A metal cage for the more experienced


When in contact with the skin, metal cages cause an unpleasantly cold sensation. These accessories are heavier and undeniably more painful to wear than a plastic device.

For experienced BDSM enthusiasts who are beginning a process of Sissyfication, you can opt for this type of cage which are primarily dedicated to long term wear.


With it, you feel humiliated on a daily basis. For an even fancier look, feel free to decorate your cage with an accessory!


A plastic cage for novices



Prefer plastic cages if you've never or rarely practiced male abstinence. They are easier to wear and less painful.

What's more, to enhance your femininity, you can opt for a silicone or pink plastic cage - an example right here! This is The go-to color for becoming an exemplary Sissy.

#2 The outfit


Your transformation into a Sissy-boy starts in your pants with a good, tight (preferably pink) chastity cage. It continues with your attire, which must absolutely match the Sissy criteria.


Infanity, fuchsia or pink ready-to-wear, frivolous outfits: a good Sissy is like a child who must obey the orders given to her by her mother or stepmother. She must be raised in an authoritative manner and wear clothes that reflect her submissive slutty side.

No to the masculine


Briefs, regular pants, men's t-shirts...Forget about it. To become a self-respecting Sissy, you need to have a thong or a tanga on. Whenever possible, go for the most feminine pieces possible! Crop-top, miniskirt, tights...Anything feminine - and if possible infantile - is allowed.


The more you do, the better Sissy you are.


If your work environment doesn't allow you to display your cross-dressing side freely and "forces" you to wear a masculine outfit, here are 2 tips:


  • ALWAYS keep your chastity cage
  • put on some silky, sexy little underwear so you don't forget who you are.

Special outfits for your S&M sessions

Your private environment is a place where you must behave like a good submissive woman. Dress, behavior, obedience: show your partner that you belong to him and that his desires are orders, so you will be able to become a quality Sissy.


For walking around the house or during your sexual practices, here are some ideas for uniforms you can put on to look like a well-subdued slut:


  • a female infantile schoolgirl outfit
  • a housekeeper's outfit
  • a cheerleader outfit


The important thing about this:the more pink, the more frilly the better.


Lace, silk, satin, velvet are very feminine fabrics that you should focus on. For example, you can wear pink lace panties that will enhance your effeminate side and delight your master or mistress.


A lot of Sissy Boys wear these kinds of utensils that fit perfectly in their cage and tend to fit in the butt crack.


Eager to take the gentle sadomasochistic practice a step further? Ask your keyholder to hide or even throw away your men's clothes. Then beg him/her to buy you new clothes. Remember: you are an obedient little girl.

The accessories


It's impossible to fully achieve your goal without accessories.


Have your feminine clothes and uniforms for your naughty sessions? Perfect. Now you need to perfect it to look even more cross-dressed and feel even more submissive.

First of all: choose a daring pair of shoes! High heels or schoolgirl espadrilles are excellent choices. As for the color, we'll let you guess...!

Second: don't hesitate to wear bras and pad them. This trick will make you look all the more womanly. You can also choose to wear a bib to arch your figure and reinforce your dominated slut side.

Third: buy yourself or ask for tights or garter belts. These are necessary accessories to become a Sissy.

Fourth: accessorize your style with pretty women's jewelry for ever more femininity.



This is the ultimate step to becoming a complete Sissy boy.


A true forced woman, in addition to having to be waxed or depilated before a domination session, must know how to apply makeup. But not just any way! A careful and meticulous makeup sprinkled with roses and small glitter is the most adequate.


Let's remember: the Sissy is a submissive and obedient little girl.


You can take the experiment a step further by adopting makeup in a prostitute-like excess. Red shiny lipstick, foundation and eyeshadow in excess...Have fun.

#3: Behavior


Forced feminization is for those who are adept at submission. When cross-dressing, one must be able to adopt a "Sissy slave"behavior. Certain duties must be performed.


Transitioning from the manly man to the subservient and docile little woman requires, certainly, a change in appearance but also a change in behavior.


Here's how to do it.



Submission rhymes with shyness. In public as well as in intimate settings, adopt a shy and polite demeanor. Obey every command your keyholder gives you without even flinching.


There is no need to speak, small voice or head nods are sufficient.


Like a dog being scolded, you must listen to your master or mistress and must not, under any circumstances, cut them off.


Speak softly and in a low tone. Be sure to adopt a demeanor that is both reserved and docile.


You must obey all orders of the person in charge of your forced feminization.


Wearing diapers, practicing milking, walking in high heels, learning manners, candaulism, cuckolding...You are submissive and forced to obey.


The husband who begins his Sissyfication process must imperatively allow himself to be trained to put aside his masculine habits in favor of a completely feminine behavior. This is the secret to becoming a Sissy.

#4 Sex when you're a Sissy

How to have sex as a Sissy-boy? What do you need to know to get maximum pleasure and enjoy submission? What can the forced woman do or not do


IMPORTANT: Before you engage in this kind of practice, your consent and that of your partner(s) is essential. Take into account that by turning into Sissy for an indefinite period of time, you are going to be extremely frustrated and desperate.Impose strict boundaries on yourself so that you don't cross the line into BDSM.

Humiliation-based relationships


You still haven't forgotten that you have a cage that imprisons your male sex? From then on, unless your keyholder gives you permission and wants to free you and play with you, you're going to have to keep busy or watch Mrs. or Mr.


As a good slut, you need to get your anus stretched out. Train it regularly. This is a good Sissy exercise. To do this, it's recommended to wear a chastity cage with built-in anal plug - our exclusive selection here.


Because the Sissy is, theoretically, not allowed to penetrate the dominant, it's best to be comfortable with the use of sex toys, dildos and anal vibrators.


Inclusion of a third party in Sissy BDSM reports is also commonplace. If you've given your significant other the okay, she can bring a man or woman to spice up your submissive experience.


  • With a man, you'll be treated to double anal penetration and will probably have to take on the task of sucking his penis and giving him an annulingus
  • With a woman, your partner is going to be in charge of fucking her wildly. You, on the other hand, may be allowed to put in a few licks. Forget the penetration. A Sissy doesn't do that sort of thing.





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